ACA Signature Member     Gene Gregory  
Fruit of the Vine
20 h × 16 w inches
Peaches and Grapes
14 h × 11 w inches
Peaches and Pot
14 h × 18 w inches
Artist's Statement

It seems that I grew up with a love for all things artistic.   Drawing since my early childhood and painting since I was a teen has been a large part of my life.   It has also been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences I have known, aside from those treasured moments with family and friends.   As a native Texan I painted rustic landscapes in my early years.   However, more recently I have enjoyed still life's, using bright, vibrant colors.   Hopefully we all grow and increase in knowledge and experience throughout our lifetime.   My era of painting landscapes and experimenting with various medias, has served as a valuable experience as I evolved into the style of painting I do today.

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