Fran Di Giacomo  
Light Through Dried Leaves
12 h × 19 w inches
Oil on Canvas
Native Treasures
24 h × 20 w inches
Oil on Canvas
20 h × 16 w inches
Oil on Canvas
Artist's Statement

1970 was a pivotal year for Fran Di Giacomo (pronounced de-JOCK-o-mo); she found two passions – her husband and her art. She pursued her passion for art by studying with living masters, including Paul Leveille, David Leffel, and a unique opportunity at Scottsdale Artist School with Howard Terpning. Today her portraits are renowned, and her still life paintings are in great demand for their lush colors and dramatic lighting. Her portraits include prestigious families, precious children, sports figures such as Dallas Cowboys’ Emmitt Smith and Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki, and dignitaries such as Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and President George W.Bush. Fran is represented by Southwest Gallery in Dallas, and Gallerie Amsterdam in Carmel. She is a member of Associated Creative Artists and Oil Painters of America.



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