Christina Mitchella  
Oceans Deep
36 h × 18 w inches
Oil on Canvas
Musica Notte
36 h × 60 w inches
Oil on Canvas
Refined Elegance
27 h × 21 w inches
Contè on Board
Artist's Statement

Having a passion for Art as long I can remember, I pursued an education in art and graduated with my Bachelors in Fine Arts from Dallas Baptist University. I now have not only made art a passion, but a career; showing works in galleries across Texas, competing in art shows and creating customized commissioned art work. I specialize in impressionistic drawings of many mediums and vibrant abstract oil paintings. Music, color and light all play together to form creative inspiration for my works. ?It is my hope that I can share my zeal for the arts with others, that they may find joy in my work of art and take with them a little piece of inspiration.

- Christina Mitchella

Member of: Irving Arts Center, Plano Arts Association, Creative Arts Center, Associated Creative Artists of Dallas & Texas Artists Coalition



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