Cheryl J. Smith  
Deju Vu
9 h 12 w inches
14 h 11 w inches
Copper Pitcher
12 h 9 w inches
Artist's Statement

I have been painting for many years, I have painted in many mediums but my favorite is Oil, I like the technique of being able to paint wet on wet. The results are endless with painting in oil and I love the many roads it can take you down, creating as you go. To me, unless I have a project or commission in mind, I never know what direction my painting will take me, that's the fun and excitement I get when I start painting. The end results of a creation is what it's all about, the feeling of completion and knowing you created something that not only pleases you when you look at it, but that your work attracts and catches others in the same way as you when you are creating a piece.

To me this is what Art is all about, the Feeling you get when you look at a piece of Art and you connect immediately. I hope my work touches your senses and gives you the same feeling it gives me when I created it.

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